Caffeine and L- Theanine

Being a beginner to nootropics means a lot to your health and mostly brain related conditions. A combination of caffeine and theanine in a nootropic stack has ever been a standard issue which results in peak benefits, and a perfect health pick and mental abilities. Caffeine is usually a combination of coffee and colas while L- theanine is associated with an amino acid related to tea and mushrooms. L- Theanine is generally a psychoactive agent related to aligning with certain neuro receptors to facilitate the production of neurotransmitters. The product is essential in the production of GABA products which block massive stress messages, thereby generating alpha waves, impulses which lead into a calm and relaxed state.

How does the combo work?

Caffeine, usually present in the stale coffee taken, is ideal for stimulating and boosting mental alertness. However, caffeine works best when combined with L- Theanine to eliminate anxiety and jitters related to use of plain caffeine. Put together; the two drugs are capable of synergizing and offering you with a calm response to situations, which is a feature that other drugs lack. Caffeine is best suited with L- Theanine which is viable of reducing the adverse effects of caffeine, stress and mental upset included, to give you a simple time while responding to various situations. Creating mental focus will generally result to visual sharpness. This will accompany an illuminated vision with a high resolution.

Benefits of the combined products – caffeine and L- Theanine

As stated above, caffeine is not rightfully beneficial to your health when taken separately. It is therefore desirable to use a combination of it with L- Theanine. L- Theanine will work as a standardizing agent, to level various aspects related to caffeine. Caffeine has most brain upset related outcomes, which might force you to take irrespective actions to handle the limitations. However, to be on the safe side, caffeine is best suited with L- Theanine for a healthier and calm brain functions. Benefits of combining Caffeine with the latter are:

1. Maximum natural attention span

Taking the combination of your brain fitness is a perfect decision. For instance, the combo is ideal in prolonging the duration of mind attention. You can remain attentive for quite a longer period without experiencing any distractors.

2. Maximizes reaction times

As far as brain activity is concerned, the combination of caffeine and L- Theanine is helpful and of great importance. This is because the reactivity span will be taken to greater heights. Most are the times that you stay without needing the stimulants for an extended period.

3. Improves memorability

Bearing in mind that all stress is eliminated, consumption of caffeine combined with L- Theanine will work to make sure that your brain functions normally. That means that the brain will be stress-free, which will ensure that all done is recalled. In that case, the combo will improve the memory recall.

4. Peak sense of alertness

This one goes mainly to caffeine. Taking this drug will supernaturally keep your mind and brains. Everything related to stressful circumstances is removed from the brain, and you improve on alertness. The combination will work better for that case.

5. Increases visual acuity and mental focus

As much as caffeine is combined with L- Theanine, the visual strength and sharpness are raised to an optimum level. This is brought about by mental focus, which is also a related outcome of using these drugs. In that case, brain focus will lead to high resolution of your visual organs for a sharp and clear vision.

Related side effects

Caffeine has a life span of 3 to 6 hours. This drug is responsible for disrupted sleep, whereby your brain remains focused for longer periods. This will make you awake for a couple of hours. However, due to the short lifespan of the drug in a human body, the sleep slowly gains, and the signs dissipate radically. The drug is also related to cardiac malformation, resulting in blood circulation problems.

On the other hand, L- Theanine has no major side effects. The drug is soluble in water, which makes it easier for the body to discard it from the solution quickly. It will, therefore, get weaker and weaker, not enough to cause any limitation. It is therefore advisable to take caffeine combined with L- Theanine, to level the various side effects related to taking caffeine alone.

Safety measures while using the combo

Ever since the two supplements were proved fit for human consumption, they have been used by millions of people, and a few have developed related complications. The only safety measure whatsoever remains fundamental. You should avoid EXCESSIVE intake of these drugs to reduce the related shortcomings.

In a simple conclusion, caffeine and L- Theanine is not harmful to some extensions. You can only make them dangerous if you wish. Bearing in mind that excessive consumption of the drugs is harmful, you should ensure that you take little amounts per given time. This means that the rate of intake of the drugs should remain optimal. You will, therefore, enjoy your time with no related complications. Try the combo today responsibly and feel the vibe!!!