Before and After school care for your school age child Please contact your local center to check the availability of preschool and after-school programs. This includes preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school care for children of all ages between 5 and 12.

These programs are ideal for school-age children to bridge the gap between school and their parents “working hours and provide full-time childcare during school breaks and summer holidays. Schoolsout is a before-and-after school support program that balances time to play with friends, play and learn while completing homework with sports and other physical activities.
For more information on the recently adopted CCDBG re-authorization legislation, please visit the US Department of Health’s website. CCDF assistance is provided through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Child and Family Development Fund (CDF) in the United States.
CCDF and CCDBG receive more than $1.5 billion annually for preschool and after-school care for children.
With a variety of activities, these programs offer an enriching, relaxing and fun-oriented experience. We believe in caring for children of different ages and school ages after school. Our school-age childcare facilities offer a wide range of after-school activities and activities for all age groups of children, regardless of age.
Studies have shown that those who participate in after-school programs drastically reduce drug use and criminal behavior among adolescents. Furthermore, studies suggest that teenagers who do not have an after-school program are less likely to truancy, use drugs and alcohol, and engage in sexual activity.
To meet a parent’s full-time work schedule, two primary school-age children would need after-school care five days a week. Although these benefits go beyond basic childcare, you cannot afford not to send your child to one of the local childcare facilities. The programs offered at your children’s new school are fully enrolled and available to parents with children of all ages, regardless of age.
When Cherbini found herself alone, just when the proverbial village was useful, she began visiting local parks to ask for aftercare from everyone she met.
One parent eventually told Cherbini about an afternoon program at a nearby private school for children with special needs. The program offered high-quality afternoon care at seven primary school sites. It found that nearby private schools offered affordable preschool and after-school programs for students who were not enrolled.
The Kid’s Club provides a safe and supervised environment where children between kindergarten and fifth grade can participate in a variety of educational and recreational activities.
Participation in the SACC program allows your child to participate in a variety of activities that can be offered outside of school. These activities include swimming, cycling, swimming lessons, tennis and other leisure activities.
The relationship between your child, the school staff and the family develops memories that last a lifetime. As a result, your daily contact with employees or children in this environment is unique. Year after year, you can work closely with and track your children’s progress and contact staff if necessary.
However, the advantage of a high-quality afternoon program is to provide you and your child with a safe place to be surrounded by high-quality care. Post-school programs are more than just a watchful eye; they serve to reassure both parents and their working parents. They also offer childcare during the school day and afternoon care for children aged three and over.
Here are some of the benefits that childcare programs can offer your school-age child. Here are the types of care that can be offered to you, as well as some benefits of each. This is also known as extra-curricular care and is available to children aged between three and four.
In addition, in many communities, local schools offer afternoon care or hire an agency to ensure on-site care at the school. OCSACC is licensed by the Ministry of Social Services and includes a wide range of services for children aged between three and four.
Children who are enrolled in kindergarten in the fall can register for an OCSACC program in the summer immediately before their kindergarten year. Children must have the right to attend primary school in order to attend the O CSACC. To reserve a place for your child in a school program or summer camp, please call the Office for Children and Youth Welfare at 1-888-743-5555.
Learning Tree Academy intends to care for children of different school ages between 3 and 5 years of age before and after school. We believe in providing school-age childcare to all children, regardless of their school years. These programs offer an enriching, relaxing and fun-oriented experience by offering a variety of activities.