When many people try to improve mental or physical performance, they often make the biggest mistake of forgetting that they are one in the same system. You cannot alter your brain without affecting the body and vice versa. For some reason, many people have come under the allusion that it is possible to change one but not the other and this simply is not true.

Within the following article, we are going to dispel this myth with a few different examples. These compounds, considered to be nootropics or smart drugs, are tools that can help to increase both physical and mental performance over time.

The vast majority of people don’t realize that there is an entire process of studying the different compounds. At Sports Tables, our main priority is to come out with the latest information in sports and this is our first foray.

Supplementation for All

One of the greatest things that we have found is, there are tons of different nootropic supplements that can help to increase physical performance as well. This list of our 3 favorite do both and can have an extremely positive reaction.

#1. Alpha GPC – the alpha GPC molecule is a compound that can increase both cognition and physical strength. There are many people who are able to attain levels of achievement they never thought possible with the use of this great nootropic compound.

The problem is, there is only one study that shows alpha GPC is useful for power output enhancements. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to improve the usage of this drug.

#2. Qualia – this is one of the only nootropic stacks that we have included on our list because there are few that actually work. There are many Qualia supplement reviews that you can utilize to your advantage, but it makes a lot of sense to try it out for yourself.

When this was first released, many people flocked to use it at the Paleo F(x) conference in Austin, Texas. Many people found it was an amazing compound that could create a host of various advantages. Now we have proof this is the case. Although our proof is anecdotal in Qualia review articles, it still matters.

#3. Phenylpiracetam – as if the first two were not enough, there are plenty of studies showing that phenylpiracetam is a powerful nootropic and physical enhancer as well. In fact, the studies on the topic suggest that phenylpiracetam is a psychostimulant that can increase focus and concentration.

The real way we know this is because the Olympic anti-doping agency has banned this drug completely from their usage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that phenylpiracetam is bad per se, but it does mean that it has powerful cognitive AND physical impacts.

Moving Forward with Nootropics

Now that you have some basis from which to form your opinion, we hope that you create a plan that is going to fit with your needs and desires. We hope that the vast majority of people using this guide find support as well.