Nootropics and Brain Food Diet

Nootropics and Brain Food Diet

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, what you eat plays a major factor. The old adage you are what you eat, cliché it may be, still applies today. That is why if you are truly serious about expanding your cognitive abilities, it would also help if you had a brain food diet to go along with the nootropic supplements you are taking.

This article seeks to help readers on their journey towards a brainy diet routine. It will give you tips on the best food to eat that will complement the nootropics you are already taking.

Pairing Brain Food and Nootropics

Your brain’s health is vital. We are sure that you are already well aware of this as you have already started on your nootropic supplement regime. However, in order to further augment and maximize the benefits you receive from your nootropics, we highly recommend that users start eating a balanced diet.

Keep in mind that the food you eat dictates the nutrition your body gets. That is why it is of vital importance that you choose the right food to go along with your nootropic stack. The food presented below can help boost your functional memory, concentration levels, and counteract the cognitive decline. Make sure that you eat these brain-healthy foods along with your regular nootropic dosage.

  • Coffee – Caffeine is a well-known substance. Most people consume it on a daily basis by drinking coffee. The reason for this popularity is that coffee can generate extreme levels of focus for the user. However, drinking too much coffee can also lead to negative side effects like anxiety and high blood pressure.

If you want to make the most of your coffee, then consider adding L-Theanine to your nootropic stack. This particular supplement suppresses the negative aspects of coffee, helping you focus and absorb information quickly without the overwhelming feeling normally associated with the drink.

  • Dark Chocolate – Similarly, pure dark chocolate is also another brain food that you should consume regularly. Not only is it rich in caffeine, it also has high levels of antioxidants that serve to give your brain an additional layer of protection as well as flavonoids which improve overall brain health and long-term memories. Obviously, this would go well with your piracetam and choline stack and best complemented by L-Theanine.
  • Fish – Known as the ultimate brain food, fish contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These are known as the good type of fat. This fat cannot be produced by the human body. By incorporating fish at least once in your weekly diet, you will be able to delay the natural process of mental and cognitive decline brought about by aging. At the same time, fish also helps reduce your risks of dementia.

Choline and Glutamate Stacks

If you are truly serious about getting the best results, you should try a choline and glutamate nootropic stack to go along with your diet. Together, it is virtually guaranteed that you get that cognitive boost you need.

Memory Sports Tools for Everyone to Prevent Degeneration

Let’s face it, memory sports champions might be competing for the best in the world, but most of us just want to make sure we don’t forget things when we age. The increase of Alzheimer’s and other diseases is creating a lot of heartache and turmoil for some people.

A nootropic supplement is a drug which is usually designed to boost intellectual functioning. Most nootropics maintain very few unwanted side effect and are mostly geared towards lasting cerebral development. Some of the advantages of nootropics include boosted memory, alertness,persistence, attention, behaviour, and mental dexterity. This is one of the reasons so many people like the Qualia nootropic so much. It can help with mental dexterity and a host of other advantages. For some people, the reviews of Qualia are quite informative so make sure to check them out.

It would be great if we could be some magic pills that would make sure a healthy and strong brain and enhance the brain power throughout your life. You can get a good brain enhancement supplement in the market these days, these supplements provide positive results in modern lifestyle and they are worth to be considered. There are many types of herbal brain enhancement supplements available in the market and it is apparent that you may get confused when you enter the market.

Nootropics: It has been considered as a wonder cure and it is the best brain enhancement supplement for the health of your brain. Studies reveal that it helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain, providing oxygen, which is essential for the proper function of brain. There should be enough transport of oxygen to brain, it acts as a boost that help the brain to transmit the signs to parts of the body and helps it to work properly. It is the best supplements available in the market. This herb is cultivated in different places, so it is affordable when compared with other supplements.

They are also a wonderful herbal brain enhancement supplement, they may help you in preventing dementia, schizophrenia, depression and mood disorders. They make a large part of grey in the cells,it in turn make brain cells flexible and pull up communication among the cells. It helps in reducing the collection of protein that result in neurofibrilary tangle inside your brain. It is the powerful contributors in issues related to memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Nootropics containing the best combination of effective herbs would be the right choice for improving the power of your memory and brain. Nerves system that works poorly, depression, health disorders like fewer red blood cells, low energy, fatigue, chemical exposure and other elements that are present in water, food, air and habits like drugs, smoking, and alcoholism are commonly seen with problems of poor memory and memory loss.

These natural supplements are effective in improving the evaluating power, grasping power and treating cloudy and confused state of mind. The herbs used in preparing these capsules help in promoting the secretion of healthy hormones and avoiding the dangerous side effects of hormones released in the blood because of high levels of stress and toxins and tensions. When harmful hormones are prevented brain cells can utilize the energy correctly to work well. Presence of good hormones helps in appropriate functioning of the creative power and promoting clear thinking ability in a person.

They play as memory upliftersand help to increase focus and attention. When a person learns, they require two cognitive skills; memory and concentration. Memory is the ability to remember and contraction is the power to hold your attention. When you are having problems with learning due to lack of memory and concentration, nootropics might be a good idea. Nootropics consist mostly of medications, supplements or functional foods.

nootropics are vasodilators.They are medications or other elements that burst up the blood vessels. This can improve the flow of air to the brain. An insufficient supply of air to the cell is the beginning of the problem of concentration lapse. A drug can only be grouped as a nootropic if it improves overall health and mind over a long period of time. There are other meditations which provide short term mental benefits.

When deciding how you should take nootropics supplements, it is vital to understand that if you take too much, they could have the opposite effect. If one takes a little,one might have zero effect. When consuming these drugs, it is vutal to start with just one type at a time. If you start with more than one, and have a great effect. Also, if you have side effects.You will notice the change in yourself but it also a good idea to ask family and friends to pay attention to you and report any changes that they notice as well. It is also a good idea to do as much research on nootropics as possible. So if you need them as memory boosters or for any other benefits you should be careful how you use them

The Caffeine Craze That’s Better than Bulletproof

Caffeine and L- Theanine

Being a beginner to nootropics means a lot to your health and mostly brain related conditions. A combination of caffeine and theanine in a nootropic stack has ever been a standard issue which results in peak benefits, and a perfect health pick and mental abilities. Caffeine is usually a combination of coffee and colas while L- theanine is associated with an amino acid related to tea and mushrooms. L- Theanine is generally a psychoactive agent related to aligning with certain neuro receptors to facilitate the production of neurotransmitters. The product is essential in the production of GABA products which block massive stress messages, thereby generating alpha waves, impulses which lead into a calm and relaxed state.

How does the combo work?

Caffeine, usually present in the stale coffee taken, is ideal for stimulating and boosting mental alertness. However, caffeine works best when combined with L- Theanine to eliminate anxiety and jitters related to use of plain caffeine. Put together; the two drugs are capable of synergizing and offering you with a calm response to situations, which is a feature that other drugs lack. Caffeine is best suited with L- Theanine which is viable of reducing the adverse effects of caffeine, stress and mental upset included, to give you a simple time while responding to various situations. Creating mental focus will generally result to visual sharpness. This will accompany an illuminated vision with a high resolution.

Benefits of the combined products – caffeine and L- Theanine

As stated above, caffeine is not rightfully beneficial to your health when taken separately. It is therefore desirable to use a combination of it with L- Theanine. L- Theanine will work as a standardizing agent, to level various aspects related to caffeine. Caffeine has most brain upset related outcomes, which might force you to take irrespective actions to handle the limitations. However, to be on the safe side, caffeine is best suited with L- Theanine for a healthier and calm brain functions. Benefits of combining Caffeine with the latter are:

1. Maximum natural attention span

Taking the combination of your brain fitness is a perfect decision. For instance, the combo is ideal in prolonging the duration of mind attention. You can remain attentive for quite a longer period without experiencing any distractors.

2. Maximizes reaction times

As far as brain activity is concerned, the combination of caffeine and L- Theanine is helpful and of great importance. This is because the reactivity span will be taken to greater heights. Most are the times that you stay without needing the stimulants for an extended period.

3. Improves memorability

Bearing in mind that all stress is eliminated, consumption of caffeine combined with L- Theanine will work to make sure that your brain functions normally. That means that the brain will be stress-free, which will ensure that all done is recalled. In that case, the combo will improve the memory recall.

4. Peak sense of alertness

This one goes mainly to caffeine. Taking this drug will supernaturally keep your mind and brains. Everything related to stressful circumstances is removed from the brain, and you improve on alertness. The combination will work better for that case.

5. Increases visual acuity and mental focus

As much as caffeine is combined with L- Theanine, the visual strength and sharpness are raised to an optimum level. This is brought about by mental focus, which is also a related outcome of using these drugs. In that case, brain focus will lead to high resolution of your visual organs for a sharp and clear vision.

Related side effects

Caffeine has a life span of 3 to 6 hours. This drug is responsible for disrupted sleep, whereby your brain remains focused for longer periods. This will make you awake for a couple of hours. However, due to the short lifespan of the drug in a human body, the sleep slowly gains, and the signs dissipate radically. The drug is also related to cardiac malformation, resulting in blood circulation problems.

On the other hand, L- Theanine has no major side effects. The drug is soluble in water, which makes it easier for the body to discard it from the solution quickly. It will, therefore, get weaker and weaker, not enough to cause any limitation. It is therefore advisable to take caffeine combined with L- Theanine, to level the various side effects related to taking caffeine alone.

Safety measures while using the combo

Ever since the two supplements were proved fit for human consumption, they have been used by millions of people, and a few have developed related complications. The only safety measure whatsoever remains fundamental. You should avoid EXCESSIVE intake of these drugs to reduce the related shortcomings.

In a simple conclusion, caffeine and L- Theanine is not harmful to some extensions. You can only make them dangerous if you wish. Bearing in mind that excessive consumption of the drugs is harmful, you should ensure that you take little amounts per given time. This means that the rate of intake of the drugs should remain optimal. You will, therefore, enjoy your time with no related complications. Try the combo today responsibly and feel the vibe!!!

3 Physical and Cognitive Enhancing Supplements

3 Physical and Cognitive Enhancing Supplements

When many people try to improve mental or physical performance, they often make the biggest mistake of forgetting that they are one in the same system. You cannot alter your brain without affecting the body and vice versa. For some reason, many people have come under the allusion that it is possible to change one but not the other and this simply is not true.

Within the following article, we are going to dispel this myth with a few different examples. These compounds, considered to be nootropics or smart drugs, are tools that can help to increase both physical and mental performance over time.

The vast majority of people don’t realize that there is an entire process of studying the different compounds. At Sports Tables, our main priority is to come out with the latest information in sports and this is our first foray.

Supplementation for All

One of the greatest things that we have found is, there are tons of different nootropic supplements that can help to increase physical performance as well. This list of our 3 favorite do both and can have an extremely positive reaction.

#1. Alpha GPC – the alpha GPC molecule is a compound that can increase both cognition and physical strength. There are many people who are able to attain levels of achievement they never thought possible with the use of this great nootropic compound.

The problem is, there is only one study that shows alpha GPC is useful for power output enhancements. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to improve the usage of this drug.

#2. Qualia – this is one of the only nootropic stacks that we have included on our list because there are few that actually work. There are many Qualia supplement reviews that you can utilize to your advantage, but it makes a lot of sense to try it out for yourself.

When this was first released, many people flocked to use it at the Paleo F(x) conference in Austin, Texas. Many people found it was an amazing compound that could create a host of various advantages. Now we have proof this is the case. Although our proof is anecdotal in Qualia review articles, it still matters.

#3. Phenylpiracetam – as if the first two were not enough, there are plenty of studies showing that phenylpiracetam is a powerful nootropic and physical enhancer as well. In fact, the studies on the topic suggest that phenylpiracetam is a psychostimulant that can increase focus and concentration.

The real way we know this is because the Olympic anti-doping agency has banned this drug completely from their usage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that phenylpiracetam is bad per se, but it does mean that it has powerful cognitive AND physical impacts.

Moving Forward with Nootropics

Now that you have some basis from which to form your opinion, we hope that you create a plan that is going to fit with your needs and desires. We hope that the vast majority of people using this guide find support as well.

Proper Nootropic Intake

Proper Nootropic Intake

Nootropics, like other supplements, often come in a number of different forms. For instance, particular supplement types can only be delivered in powder form. At the same time, there are also other supplements that only come in the form of capsules and tablets. However, some nootropics come in powdered form. For obvious reasons, taking this type of supplements will prove more complicated.

It is crucial that users know how to properly consume their smart drugs. This article seeks to clarify some issues regarding proper nootropic consumption. This is to give readers a better idea on how to correctly use their supplements.

Is it Water Soluble or Fat Soluble?

Before anything else, you need to determine whether the supplement you are taking should be mixed with water or fat. This is pretty basic, yet it is of vital importance. After all, nootropics are by no means cheap. It would be a real shame to waste them by mixing them in the wrong solution.

  • Water-Soluble Nootropics – One of the most prominent examples of water soluble nootropics is piracetam. Taking it with water is straightforward enough. All you have to do is simply take your desired dosage, which is normally just one or two scoopfuls, and put it into a glass of water. You have to make sure that you stir and mix the substance as thoroughly as you can. This should not be too hard as it usually dissolves without much trouble.
  • Fat-Soluble Nootropics – Most smart drugs can only be dissolved in fat. For instance, Aniracetam is a prominent example of a fat soluble Nootropic supplement. They simply do not mix with water. Of course, you can try, but the result will be a clumpy looking drink which will not deliver the desired effect. For the best results, try mixing it with milk, as the drink itself includes some fat.

Of course, the issue of solubility leads us to a much more relevant aspect of nootropic intake. Water- soluble supplements are absorbed by your body rather quickly. On the other hand, fat-soluble supplements take a little longer. However, this also means that can stay in your body for longer periods of time, as the fat makes them harder to eliminate.

Taking Nootropic Supplements in Bulk

If you buy your supplements in bulk, it would do you well to have a measuring scale at home. This should help you keep track of your nootropic intake and ensure that you are consuming them at the right dosage.

It is vital to mention here that, unlike other medicinal supplements, measuring Nootropic dosage is not as precise. For instance, for less potent supplements like Piracetam, you don’t have to be strict about the amount you take. However, for powerful nootropics like Noopept, Pramiracetam, Adrafinil and the like, users will have to be more careful. You need to ensure that you follow the indicated dosage to get the best results.

These are just a few things all nootropic enthusiasts should remember about proper supplement intake.

Combining Multiple Racetams

Combining Multiple Racetams

All nootropic enthusiasts are probably familiar with the concept of stacking. For those who are not, it is the process of mixing together multiple nootropic supplements to get more intense results. For instance, beginners usually try mixing Piracetam with Choline supplements to hasten the cognitive improvements.

However, for more experienced users, we suggest that you try mixing together Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam in a stack. Obviously, this is not for the uninitiated. Stacking together racetams can yield dramatic cognitive results.

Theanine and Caffeine

Theanine and Caffeine

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let’s make it clear, nootropic supplements are meant to be taken in bunches. To get better and faster results, you will need to combine a couple of these nootropics together.

There are a number of combinations to try. However, we find that the combination of Theanine and Caffeine is particularly interesting. It generates all the positive effects of coffee such as increased focus and information retention but without all the negative aspects like irritability and anxiety.

Piracetam and Choline: The Vital Combination

Piracetam and Choline: The Vital Combination

For those new to nootropic use, you may have noticed that the effects take a little while before becoming noticeable. This is one of the common drawbacks of nootropic supplements. However, it is also one that can be remedied easily enough.

You can hasten the process of cognitive improvement by stacking your nootropics. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly safe activity as nootropics generally work better when taken along with other supplements.

To get faster and amplified results, try combining your Piracetam intake with Choline.

Stacking Your Nootropics

Stacking Your Nootropics

If you are new to nootropic use, then you have probably seen for yourself the amazing effects these smart drugs can have on your mind. In just a short span of time, you have probably experienced an improvement in your memory recall, creativity levels, and overall mental sharpness.

What if we were to tell you that you can enhance these effects even further? You can strengthen the effects of your nootropics by combining them with other supplements. This activity is called stacking. That may seem unbelievable but it is true.

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